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Mission Volleyball has established our COVID-19 point person, this person will be Kelly Brierley. If you have any questions or need to report a positive case please contact Kelly at or 815-703-5372


Arrival - While maintaining appropriate distance, athletes (in masks) will form a line to be checked in to practice. Our check in process includes a temperature check, verbal confirmation that you have not experienced any symptoms in the past 14 days, and last sanitize your hands. 


Mask Policy:

Masks/face coverings are REQUIRED during arrival, training, and departure. Trainers will
direct when it is ok to remove, otherwise your mask should be on at all times. Any time your mask is off (water breaks, etc.), take care to maintain proper social distancing.


Personnel Limitations:

As much as we love having additional members of our club family around, during this time we must ask that ALL PARENTS, and ANY OTHER NON-ATHLETES remain in their vehicle during drop off and arrival. 


Sanitizing Breaks:

All athletes must sanitize their hands prior to interacting with any club equipment. Sanitizing/water breaks will occur every 15/20 mins throughout practice, during which athletes will return to their designated space and maintain appropriate distancing.


Personal Items:

All personal items are to be secured in the athlete’s BAG, within their designated space. To help prevent the spread of any germs, avoid contacting any non-essential personal items during breaks (phones, other devices, etc) Sanitize, Hydrate, Sanitize, and return to court. 


Social Distancing During Training:

Our training programs have been planned so that we can account for additional space between participants at all times. Please try to BE AWARE of those around you in between reps. 


Disinfecting Equipment:

Following each session, all shared equipment will be disinfected. Throughout each day, staff will disinfect the facility. Athletes, be sure to properly clean and sanitize any personal gear used during practice.


COVID-19 information

All individuals entering the facility will be required to be cold/flu/COVID-19 symptom free for three days prior to entrance. If anyone is displaying any symptoms of the above, they must be kept home. If, upon their arrival or during their training time they display any of the symptoms of Flu or COVID they will be sent home immediately.

Statement on action to COVID19 cases.

If a player has been in what is considered "close contact" and is within 48 hours has shown symptoms or tested positive for COVID19, that player will need to sit out 10 days or will need to have a negative test to return to participate.

Close contact means you were within 6 feet of a person with COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes. (CDC)

We’re in this together
All coaches, athletes, and guardians will be required to sign the "Assumption of Risk and Liability Waiver."  All are willingly agreeing  to comply with all aspects of the below Safety Procedures and Preparedness Plan . Any violations by athletes can result in revocation of facility usage privileges with no refunds given.  Any violations by coaches can result in termination.

Club Directors, coaches, athletes and families are all responsible for implementing and complying with all aspects of the policies and procedures in this plan. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our facility, and that requires full cooperation. Mission Volleyball's staff is charged with enforcing the policies and this plan during their scheduled training times, with Mission Volleyball's directors responsible for further disciplinary actions.